Lake Campbell

On Fidalgo Island, there is an island on Lake Campbell. This “island on an island” fact was included in the Guinness World of Records. It remains one our favorite sights in Anacortes. This view was captured at Sue Trulson’s home on the lake.

Camp Copy

John Singer Sargent is an artist favorite for his loose style and attention to proper values while using a limited pallet. I painted this copy of his image and found it very useful for my development. Sargent’s portraits are even better known so I’ll have to copy one of them too.

Lunch with Sadira

The solemn look on Sadira was unusual but the image allowed me to employ techniques taught by Mark Carder in Austin. My attention was to color, with the color checker device, and value levels. Details were sought and applied not so much with tiny brushes but with appropriate values.