A New Media

In a Brenham workshop, I began to learn how to do a Lino-cut print. A simple drawing is placed on a linoleum block. Cutting tools are employed to remove the Lino from all areas that are not to receive a color for printing. I started with black. For red, I carved away all the Lino that was not to receive the ink. Its a complicated process; there is lots to learn.

Second Effort


A few days after being hung at the gallery, a young couple, perhaps fitness nuts, came in and bought this. You never know what motivates a purchase. This model was preparing to take a break when I caught the reference image in a workshop.


Carmen is a friend, a professional model, and sister of a good friend and neighbor. She has often served as a model when the various master artists have a workshop here in Houston. I am glad to finally have painted a decent likeness, with accurate colors and decent drawing.

The Egg Grab

With a brother and sister, what could possibly go wrong? In our local park, neighborhood kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. The perfect body postures and attire of the Masha and Jared Field kids, was my focus. I combined two photos for the scene. Regular use of Linseed Oil or Safflower, and very little turnpenoid has made painting easier and more effective.

Deception Pass

Its always easier to paint a scene I am very familiar with or have passion for. This site is nearly unchanged since my youthful days in Anacortes and even since the bridge was built in the 1930’s. This impressive structure connects Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island in the waters of the Puget Sound. Depicting the swift tidal waters and the bridge’s shadow were unique challenges.

Deception Pass, WA


After the workshop with Daniel Gerhartz, I used his methods…to first apply the darkest-darks and the lightest-lights to provide the relative values needed for the rest. Getting the flesh colors accurately remains a challenge.



Myra was a first-time model at the Daniel Gerhartz workshop in Feb. 2022. As students, we worked on shapes, values and color. Dan taught us to find and paint the darkest darks and lightest lights FIRST to provide guidance for the rest. Getting the proper relative values on the face (or any object) provides more reality.


Tito was downloaded off Facebook. He is Joyce Mina’s pal so I sent her a canvas print. As usual, my drawing is what needs improvement. I seek to be “painterly”: paying attention more to colors and values. This was awarded an Honorable Mention ribbon at the 2022 Spring Art Show in Brenham.